I Re-Upped the Ficticities.com Domain Name

On the last day before expiry I walked it back from the brink by anteing up $18 to WordPress. I’m  not sure why — mostly it’s ambivalence about what to do next.

But also I’m outraged by the domain name reselling industry. If I let ficticities.com lapse, some reseller might have scooped it up for a buck or two, then offered to sell it back to me for a couple hundred. Most likely resellers rely mostly on sellers’ remorse — people like me who let their domain names lapse and who later, wishing they hadn’t, pay the ransom.

So I’ve gone ahead and re-rented the name, along with WordPress’s hosting service, for another year.

4 thoughts on “I Re-Upped the Ficticities.com Domain Name

  1. Yea, I let my own noir-realism domain go back when I retired and felt the 95 a year or so was too much to keep it on WordPress, so went back to the original address… sometimes wish I had it but like you discovered it was bought up and jacked up… bummer…

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    1. Noir-Realism is a pretty darned cool domain name. I don’t know if that name would still capture what you’ve been writing, but then again it’s not clear that Southern Nights does either. Then again maybe it does — you can take the boy out of the South…

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      1. yea… it’s like my stories seem closer to comic southern gothic in many ways. Even the one in this recent Sirens Call publication came out as a satiric take on zombies in the work place as being more alive and intelligent that their bosses and co-workers… I’ve even been pursuing a collection of comic horror for an anthology. Most horror is of course so serious that the need for the macabre and grotesque grows day by day… which is central to irony, satire, and comedy as a form of horror.

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      2. There’s a guy I met through this blog, a short story writer who’s now writing a novel about a mob hitman with dementia — he’s another one who sees the humor in these traditionally serious fictional zones. Just because you’re a serious writer doesn’t mean you have to write serious. How about this for the title of a comic zombie piece: “Dead Serious.” Btw, I got a kick in your story that the most dangerous philosopher alive comes back as a hired shill — Zizek’s job when he really negates the negation?


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